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Could Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker be better than Heath Ledgers?


Not at all. Like why would you even click on a link that asks that? There’s no way Phoenix’s joker will be better than TDK’s Joker. BUTTTTT here’s the argument for why it might be . BECAUSE WERE COMING OUT OF A JERROD LETTO JOKER.

If every college student was graded on the curve that Jerrod Letto set, we’d have entire classes of graduates with 4.0s. WHEN Joaquin’s interpretation of the Joker is good, it will be overblown because we won’t be comparing it to Ledger’s, we’ll be comparing it to Letto’s.

My buddy Brandon is sitting next to me while I write this and he said, “Nope (can’t be better) unless he kills himself”. I’m investigating further.

Me: Why?

Brandon: It’s just a, because you know, like when you, Heath Ledger is a martyr to the Joker in a way, so the Joker in 2019 will actually have to die, that’s the only way.

The jury is out on that opinion, I’ll let y’all decide.

Hey if you’re reading this congrats on reading our first article! Hopefully it wasn’t too shitty and there will be more to come so check back.

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