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I bet Brett Kavanaugh’s favorite Star Wars is Episode II

Unless you live under a rock you know who Brett Kavanaugh is and the controversy that surrounds him. Regardless of which side you’re on, we can all take a moment, and guess which is Brett Kavanaugh’s favorite Start Wars movie. We’re going with Attack of the Clones.

Shitty Opinion: The entire plot of the movie revolves around the secession of worlds from the Galactic Republic. A GOVERNMENT TIE! I Brett’s mind I’m sure there was some kind of, “Ah that’s gunna be a hassle legally” that went on. The guns, and light sabers, and Natalie Portman are all cool, but the paper work associated with accomplishing that mission, not worth it. The “Separatist Movement” organized by Dooku might be seen as The Tea Party (which is now not really a thing, but still). The Clones in the movie that are being produced are a huge deal, how do we relate this to the Kavanaugh thing? I’m not sure, I’ve been going off of Wikipedia for this shitty opinion. Butt let’s just say that maybe rich Americans are sending their stem cells to be frozen that way when they get older they can inject themselves with their younger stem cells and in this way they can be cloned and the it will soon become the government’s job to determine the legality of this and who will rule on that? THAT’S RIGHT – A JUDGE! BOOM, I DID IT. The dark tendencies hinted at by Anikin throughout the film, can represent a troubled boy who needs to meet the expectations set for him by his established family. (Dude, how applicable is this)  Also, Episode II is the worst one so of course he’d like it.

If Kavanaugh gets to 51 votes, then we’ll talk about Episode 3……

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