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Is the Matrix a decent Franchise? Duh, you Idiot.

My buddy said the Matrix was his favorite franchise, so I asked him why?

Answer: Idk, its some sci-fi shit.

There’s more to this, but that basically sums it up.

Sooo here’s why: Keanu Reeves produced one of the films (not taking the time to fact check this). It tells a story of robots taking over our world, but what’s more interesting is humans lack of understanding that they have been taken over. That their world is not real, how crazy is that? I know after you saw this movie you doubted whether your life was real or not. Did that mind fuck you? If it did, you’re dumb, cause its a movie, but it still mind fucks you.

The sequels were pretty cool cause you got to see Neo be the one, but the first was the best movie. #2 & #3 weren’t that great.

He doesn’t want to be named, but I think his thoughts are worth this shitty article.

Also, if you like the Matrix, watch this trailer.

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