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Set It Up: But What About Golf Guy?

Just a heads up, there are spoilers so don’t bitch.

We’ve all seen Set It Up by now and understand how good the guy and the girl are together. Yes they make you think of romance and eating pizza with a love interest at 2am. Like, blah blah blah. But The REAL QUESTION OF THE MOVIE: WHAT ABOUT GOLF GUY?

Harper had a good dude, he was into her, she was into him. Golf Guy was the perfect match, and then we don’t even get a resolution with his character. Like look at this face:


He didn’t deserve that.

Glen Powell is cool, he’s a great guy (lol I sound like Trump with a Supreme Court Nominee) but Golf Guy had that X-factor that superstars are made out of. They shouldn’t have done him like that. His character’s name isn’t even in the credits; its just “Golf Guy”. Shame.


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