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Shut up about Quentin Tarantino’s love for violence

That top picture is such a cliche right?

As Quentin Tarantino makes progress on his Charles Manson movie, all I keep hearing is how much someone who already loves violence must be having a field day with this topic. Dude, shut up. Tarantino uses violence as a tool for storytelling and FUN. It’s not about influencing society or promoting violence to kids, its about telling the best story you can.

This obsession of linking Tarantino to violence aims to diminish his movies and changes the conversation from how good the movie is to “What impact does this have on our kids?” That’s nonsense.

This Charles Manson film will likely be violent, will have blood, and might be his most realistic violence in a film, but so what. If you don’t want to see it, don’t go see it. Don’t want kids to see it? Don’t take them. But when you go to the theater to see a Tarantino movie that dives into the life of Charles Manson, don’t talk about the violence because that discussion is old, it’s tired, no one cares or wants to hear it, and you’re lame.

Probably goes without saying, but I love Tarantino’s films ❤

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