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What is Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Best movie? Don’t say Looper.

I gave it away with the featured picture for this article, and I’m not backing away from it. Angels in the Outfield is Jo-Gor’s best movie. I’m biased on this because growing up we didn’t have cable and I had the VHS of Angels so I watched it on repeat. I could probably recite all of Donald Glover’s lines and loved the “It Could Happen” kid.

The story of a kid wanting his team to win the pennant for one reason, then coming across an entirely different mindset showed how good of a coming of age film this was. I was sad to see his foster brother leave, I would’ve liked to see what happened to him.

Writing this brings back nostalgia, I just want to quote it, “Back to Fundamentals? In the middle of the Season?!”, “You used to be Mel Clark? – Yeah Kid, I used to be”. It’s all so mundane, til it’s not. The ANGELS. Big Al, “You can just call me, AL” Matching with the American League that the Angels were in.

The 33% rating from Rotten Tomatoes and 6/10 from IMDB shows how little “critics” know. I’d like to make something clear, I love Jo-Gor and how his career has gone. This shitty opinion isn’t about saying he peaked when he was like 15 or something, but it’s about how good of a movie Angels in the Outfield was, and when I think of Jo-Gor I think of him and JP riding their bikes to the stadium and sneaking in.

Best movie by far from Jo-Gor, only things that comes close is inception. Actually, Inception’s probably better. Never mind, disregard.

Watch the Trailer if you haven’t seen the movie.



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