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Best F-ing Podcast, Maybe

For the last nearly 7 years Paul Scheer, June Diane, and Jason Mantzoukaus have run one of my favorite movie podcasts, How Did This Get Made. Each podcast features a guest and they go over terrible movie and ask the question, how did this get made?

Live Episodes started back in 2011 and I’ve enjoyed the live feel and featured the best episode in my opinion Superman III.

Really, I haven’t listened to a ton of these, but I’m focused on getting content to this site so we can start it up so if you’ve read this review and are thinking, “Man this is kind of shit”. Yeah, sorry man. On a separate note, it must suck to be a professional writer and have no fucking idea what you’re talking about because you feel like your peddling bullshit. That’s how I feel, anyway. Gunna wrap it up, and not going to feature this article.

I’ll try to leave you with something of value, so here’s a trailer to a movie I like.

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