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Could COD Blackout actually compete with PUBG on XBOX One?

Yes! No shit it can, and it’s fucking scary!!!

Ok, so maybe it’s not that scary, but up until the Battle Royale scene has been about PUBG and Fortnite, these all new games that were originally developed for PC but have transitioned to Xbox. Call of Duty’s plan to enter the Battle Royale market legitimizes the style of gaming (kinda good I guess) but also threatens to take away players. My question doesn’t include Fortnite at all, because that’s a completely different game (all it’s building and chopping wood doesn’t really make it a competitor with Blackout).

PUBG runs like shit on the Xbox, it lags to below 30fps, you have a hard time seeing shadows in buildings, it takes forever to load in when you land. COB Blackout doesn’t have any of those. But it just sucks, like I guess I’m an elitist because a big game like COD coming in and doing it better then the super specific PUBG just makes me feel like, you know, bleh. Even with PUBG’s shitty gameplay, I love it, and I hate that Blackout will take away users who really don’t care all that much.

If you wanna see a movie that’s basically solo Battle Royale with prisoners, check out Stone Cold Steve Austin’s movie from ’07

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