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Letter to Thirsting Fortnite Players – u suk bruh

This letter was written by Teddy. He’s a coworker who has injured his hand by slamming it down on the table because of your stupid gameplay:

My biggest rant about Fortnite is people that thirst in the game. Like, I get it, if you’re gunna shoot me you can finish the job, but dude, let me have a chance, shit. (This might sound like a rant from a bad player but FU buddy). The whole thing is that when I down somebody I don’t kill them (right away) because I don’t feel like that’s how the game’s supposed to be played. What’s the point of someone killing a player in the middle of the team fight. If we running 4v4 why you focused on me dude? Focus on my team, but no, you’re thirsty ass wants to kill me because you watch your stupid pro tourneys where kills matter and you’re trying to get viewers on Twitch or something. In the matches I’m running that doesn’t matter, so let’s just throw some blames on streamers and pros for a sec.

The only time I feel it’s acceptable to thirst is when you’re out of building materials or ammo – that makes sense. BUT ONLY THAT. Also! I’ve seen people thirst when my teammates are shooting at them, you want a stupid kill, and you’re willing to get downed to get a kill – I hate you.

This is special for you thirsty players:


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