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The Rocky Series – Semi Disappointing Article :/ Sorry Y’all

Ok guys, the point of this site is to write kind of shitty, fun, short articles that are purely based on our opinions. But this series I’m super passionate about, so this is one that I’ll get into detail later. When I say detail like I’ll bring up my childhood and stuff, like we gunna go deep fam.

What I’d like to stress with this article, is just how good the Rocky movies are. Over the years I’ve seen so many arguments on how they are basically just montages with the same story, but Rocky’s story is so much deeper than that. The first film takes you into his life and shows you his struggle, but that film isn’t that debated, its the ones that follow. For the sake of being logical though, I’m not going to touch on Rocky 5, cause Tommy Gunn was an ass character and that movie was garbage.

Going to try to make this semi rant brief, but each Rocky film is unique in that we get to follow Rocky through basically every phase of a boxer’s career. Starting out and being the Underdog (I), Getting your first upset victory; becoming a Champion (II), Meeting a Challenger that’s at the top of the sport (III; in real life this one gets repeated over and over), and being an older guy of the sport having to compete with the best, and youngest the world has to offer (IV). Rocky V was a lot like Rocky IV, but not really, again more debate on this later, but from a boxer’s perspective the level of respect Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver is boxer irl) showed Balboa was way more than what Drago showed. If we compare the fights from Rocky IV and V we can also see how different Balboa is perceived.

This argument requires a ton more time and writing, but that’s not what this site’s about, maybe one day, but not yet. Anyway, watch the clip below cause I took the time to find it on YouTube and paste the link.

Best Montage of the series:

Read the rest of our shitty articles. And a Bonus Clip Cause it’s worth it and Mac Miller’s Death was sad.


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