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Toy Story 4 will have emotional ending – no shit.

The BREAKING NEWS from Tim Allen being on The Talk was that Toy Story 4 will have an emotional ending. Can we be real, like I love Toy Story, but the third film is going to be hard to top – ending wise. EVERYTHING WAS SETTLED. What else do we have left to figure out?

Everyone’s “home” but nooooooooo Pixar is gunna come in with a new villain, we’re gunna get some toy/kid/parent antagonist that is all about getting rid of toys or something, then in the end they’ll learn about themselves and it’ll go to credits with everything being right. So this maybe be reductive, but Pixar actually has a really good way of making movies that I like. When I was studying film I learned about their rules for storytelling. Link is below, and if you like movies I think its worth a scan.

22 Rules of Storytelling – Pixar

Also, shoutout to for being awesome.

Learning that there will be an emotional ending to Toy Story is like learning the earth is flat, you figure that one out cause I can’t think of a better analogy.

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