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Why Fortnite won’t ever come close to PUBG *as far as fun goes.

Cause Fortnite’s Hard AF. Like we (lol I say “we” but it’s just me) can’t even play cause you gotta chop wood, and look for weapons, and build shit, and then you get shot out of nowhere, and its stupid and it sucks, and its stupid.

Buuuuttttt for all fairness, I got another dude here who will refute this because he’s super in Fortnite and he’s like weird. It’s weird typing this, so if it seems biased that’s because I’m choosing not to type  all of his words. We’ll call him “Teddy” for anonymity’s sake.

Why do you like Fortnite.

Teddy: Because its (Me: stupid and) fast paced and game style and the mechanics of it allow for every situation to be different. You never know what you’re going to get from game to game. The adaptation factor of the game increases the amount of fun.

So that’s totally a valid opinion, cause PUBG can get a little boring because of it’s redundancy. Upon fact checking his game stats they are as follows (roughly) and I believe him so you should too, don’t be all hater cause you’re not as good.

  • Solo Wins: 42
  • Duo Wins: 90-something
  • Squad Wins: 200+

SUCK IT! Cause you suck at Fortnite.

I’ve played enough of it to know it’s not for me, it’s too arcady, too little kiddish.

Teddy: Yeah, the graphics appear cartoony, once you figure out that it’s a lot more of a mental game then you realize that it’s not just some arcade game there really is a lot of thinking that goes into it as far as how to approach every situation.

I know right, Teddy’s kinda dumb.

Anyway, read our other shitty articles cause we work hard to write them (not really though).


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