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We’re so close to Fallout 76 we can taste the Nuka Cola!

Alright y’all, like 50 days or something! Anytime there’s a new Fallout it’s exciting. Having been 3 years since Fallout 4 we can’t wait for this all online multiplayer. What are we expecting? New yet familiar, the game usually has the same feel, physics, and music, so it’s going to be the same universe, but the online element adds the upgraded modern feel, and a new area OF OUR GREAT NATION!!! (SORRY BRITS, but since the Nukes we don’t even know if y’all exist) New items, new areas, and NO NPCs, it’s gunna be all real people that are looking for help along their journey. Who can’t wait to get sniped by some asshole?! I can’t!

My biggest flaw with Fallout 4 (been playing it for years) is how alive and colorful the game was. Fallout 3 was all green or brown from the radiation, it was sad, depressing, falling apart, and awesome. The stupid colors in 4 made it happy and positive, but that wasn’t what I associated with Fallout. I’ve still played it a ton lol. The radio DJ was fun. The settlements were pains in the ass, making sure all the stupid AI were happy and having to keep up with all of it was distracting when I was in the middle of some real story shit and got that notification about those people.

In this one our shit’s gunna get taken over, BY REAL PEOPLE. LIKE FN’A that’s awesome. Having to defend against real players, running what I’ve been running for years with a whole set of people is beyond exciting.

New Trailer dropped one day ago, and has a badass intro, check it out. And make sure to check out the BETA that drops on the 23rd of October (30th for everyone else), but no worries y’all, I’ll post again as a reminder.

Big Ups to Mike who didn’t want to be named cause he’s awesome for all the help with this shitty article.

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