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Michael Scott’s Most Subtle Moment in The Office

It comes from the Episode Survivor Man (S4-Ep7). It’s the first time Jim takes sole control of the office (lol) and thinks of a really logical solution to a problem of celebrating too many birthdays. His answer; celebrate them all on the same day. This leads the obvious problem of no one feeling special on their actual birthday, but this isn’t about that, it’s about Michaels response to it. While Jim’s in the office making this issue bigger than what it is, Michael’s out in the Woods acting all dumb and eating berries and shit.

When Michael gets back to the office, everything has already been figured out and Jim is relieved, and tells Michael what happened. AND THEN IT HAPPENS. The most subtle moment, that no one made a big deal of, and that’s never been mentioned in any article I’ve read about The Office.

As Michael casually eats his ice cream he tells Jim, “Oh yeah, I did that, rookie mistake”. Jim questions it; it sets in that all these years of him thinking he’s smarter than Michael, he might have just been naive to what it was like being a manager. Michael sits next to Jim casually in his sweater and sweatpants, and in we see a level of respect from Jim to Michael that we hadn’t seen yet in the show. Michael is goofy, Jim is logical, personality wise they are complete opposites, yet they shared an idea, and for the first time Jim understood the advantage that experience played in making decisions for the Office.

It the best fucking show ever made.

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