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The first Purge has to be the most disappointing movie ever made

Ok, we might say this exact same thing about about another movie in the future, but hear me out on this one.

From the Trailer the film sets up with whole world of anarchy. Laws are abandoned! Darwinism reigns! Every man, woman, and child for themselves. From the trailer we establish some characters, but most of it is hype for this epic showdown of human grit and will. Watch it to refresh.

Ok so we’re ready, got our popcorn, in the theater, about to see some shit hit the fan, and then…WE’RE TAKEN TO THE 1% OF FUCKING PEOPLE WHO CAN AFFORD A GOOD SECURITY SYSTEM. Like, tf dude. Why? Why are we only shown carnage through the media in the film? Why are we confined to a house the entire film? You set up this whole world of mayhem, then take us to one fucking house? and like 5 bad guys?

The main bad dude, Mr. Wunna be Joker, was alright, not great (but I’ll attribute that to directing), and the main protagonists was decent, trying to look after his family, but again, nothing too special. I say “disappointing” in the title not because of the acting, or directing, but because of the universe the film is set in versus what we actually get to see. The first time we heard “The Commencement of the Annual Purge” (Or something like that) I got goosebumps, I waited and waited to be taken to this world of shit. I wanted to be there in the middle of the action. I wanted to see people torn by whether or not to violate the laws that for the other 364.5 days are in place. Put me in the position of a compromised character, make me feel the inner struggle, or you know, put me in a house for 90 minutes while nothing happens. Whatever.

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