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Sorry To Bother You went super WTF real fast – Pretty sure there are spoilers Homie

First of all – OMG WHAT A FUCKING GOOD MOVIE Sorry To Bother You is. 

Second – WHAT. THE. FUCK. This shit had me thinking I was on drugs.

The main dude, the abducted guy from Get Out does a great job of bringing you into the character and making you feel helpless right along with him.

SIDE NOTE: His chick, that girl was bonkers. Like her dude got a good gig, got a good place, and like yeah all’s good with principles and stuff but like why you gotta abandon him when he’s successful and moving up just cause you don’t like a corporation or some shit. At this point in the movie the public didn’t even know they were selling shit from that weird company WorryFree that was making people horses and shit, rioters were just rioting because they wanted to unionize. TF chick, go protest Walmart like everyone else.

maxresdefault-1The movie makes you think about what life is like on the other side of the telemarketing calls, it’s dudes that are just trying to sell you some shit to make a living and make money for their bosses. (Probably outdated though cause it’s all robo-callers now, I get like 10 of those a day).

Onto the horses – where tf did that come from? It allowed people for work better, and when revealed to the public had a reverse effect of actually increasing the WorryFree stock, but it just came out of left field. When dude goes down to use the restroom the audience is already uncomfortable because the entire night has been weird, and then, BAM #onemonepoeia He discovers Horsepeople in the stalls. This is when the public is both completely freaked out, and understands that this world is not based in reality. The reason I believe this movie is so genius is because it fools the audience for the first half and makes you believe you’re “on earth” or in a real reality. It’s a lot of a Stephen King novel where he introduces you to the characters then destroys their world.

Let’s run through some basic film examples that happen way in the beginning. In Toy Story we learn that Woody loves being Andy’s favorite toy, so we’re gunna mess that up. In Finding Nemo we know Nemo is Marlin’s most valued  “possession”, so naturally let’s take that away. But in Sorry to Bother You we think the movie is about a dude trying to make some money, and we hang around because there’s always that next step, but to give that must trust to a movie that has made us believe we’re on one timeline, the demolish it to go somewhere completely different was a risk that paid off.

Also, major spoiler here y’all. AGAIN we are doomed because even when the CEO guy told our dude that he was fine we were hesitant, but as the movie climaxed and resolved we fell back into a calm world where we reestablished that our character was fine, and then again, BAM. He’s a fuck horse.

Now, I know there’s a whole section of the movie that can be dissected and I could write about how the movie addresses a flawed system of social classes in the US, but I’m not about to dive into that shit because I’d sound stupid af.

Check out the trailer and then the separate video on training wild horses below that.

Also if you thought this article was shitty we know.

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